Natural stone flooring facts and benefits

If you’ve ever walked on natural stone flooring, you've felt the high quality beneath your feet and seen the stunning visuals offered. These floors also provide lifespans surpassing more than 100 years with professional installation and regular upkeep. You'll appreciate all the many benefits natural stone floors offer by matching your preferences and requirements with stones with characteristics that fit them.

Plenty of reasons to appreciate natural stone flooring

You'll love the high-end visual appeal for formal spaces in these flooring materials, especially in dining rooms, home offices, and entryways. In addition, marble flooring is an outstanding choice for many areas, thanks to attractive appearance options. With these floors, you'll enjoy natural, easy-to-clean elegance with impressive color choices and easy-to-match joints, to name only a few benefits. Marble flooring is often the choice for allergy sufferers, as the product is allergy resistant and eco-friendly, primarily promoted for bedroom flooring. In addition, if you plan to install underfloor heating, you'll appreciate the heat conduction that warms even the farthest corners of your room. Even better still, you can enjoy lifespans of up to 25 years with a professional installation from these materials. Travertine tiles are worth your consideration if you’re looking for aesthetic appeal. This cost-effective stone option is easy to cut, durable, and easy to maintain, offering excellent moisture and water resistance. Thanks to various colors and finishes, travertine tile is perfect for any room, bringing the décor match you've always wanted. When you're ready to match your list of requirements, contact us for a visit. We offer excellent natural stone flooring and services to fit each. We look forward to creating your best flooring today.

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At Dreyco Flooring & Design, we are a small, family-run natural stone flooring establishment that gives you the personalized attention you expect from large flooring outlets. We also offer affordable materials and complete dedication to your needs for any project, large or small. Our experience is available to you as you shop for the perfect materials, so contact us for an appointment at your convenience.

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