Putting down new wood flooring in your home can be a great upgrade, but there are a lot of choices involved. You’ll need to decide on a color tone, texture, and a budget. One of the first questions you’ll want to find the answer to is which type of wood flooring is best for you, traditional wood, or engineered wood planks.

Wood flooring as the name implies, is made from solid planks of wood. While there are many different types of wood flooring available, it is always 100% solid wood.

Engineered wood planks, on the other hand, while still made of wood product, is not a solid piece. Engineered wood flooring is what you can consider a substitute for the real thing.

While only wood flooring will ever be considered wood flooring, engineered wood flooring has grown in popularity and has a majority share when it comes to the wood flooring market.

Why Wood Flooring is Better

Wood flooring is great because you can guarantee that it is durable, solid wood. It’s a homogeneous product from the bottom to the top and from one side to another. While there are many different wood-flooring options available, the most common types of wood used include maple, pine, red and white oak and hickory.

When it comes to choosing a finish for wood flooring, what is known as ‘pre-finished,’ is the most popular choice. Unfinished wood floors would come in second and account for roughly 25% of all hardwood floors that are installed.

Is the finish of your wood floors starting to look shabby? Not a problem at all. Wood floors can be sanded down numerous times. After sanding off the finish, you can even re-finish the flooring if you wanted too. This would have the benefit of giving your floors a completely new look without replacing your floors.

Another thing about wood floors is that the planks must be either nailed down or stapled down to be installed. Wood flooring can never be installed on any type of floating basis. One of the greatest benefits of the extra work needed to install hardwood floors is that it almost always gives the resale value of your home a nice boost. As long as the flooring is still in good shape, it will help to add value to your house if you ever wanted to sell it.

All in all, wood flooring will last for a long time and return its value for many years.

Why Engineered Wood is Better

Engineered wood is a layered product that has a thin slice of real hardwood that has been combined to the top of some type of high-quality plywood. So there is actually a thin slice of real hardwood in engineered wood. The most popular types of engineered wood flooring are hickory, Brazilian cherry, and red oak. Since engineered wood is not as solid as wood flooring, it usually only comes in a pre-finished form.

Unlike wood flooring, engineered floors can only be sanded lightly once or twice. Anything more than that and the top layer of hardwood will be sanded away. This means that when your floors start to look worn, there is not as much that you can do to refinish them.

Compared to wood floors, installing engineered wood floors is easy as there is a greater range of different installation methods. These flooring panels don’t have to be nailed down individually and can be nailed, stapled, glued or clicked into place.

As for resale value, engineered wood is right up there with hardwood. Since there is real wood in engineered wood, you can advertise it as wood floors when it comes time to sell your house.

Wood floors and engineered wood floors have many similarities. When you are deciding which option is right for you, you’ll want to consider how much traffic it will see, and how tough on your floor you and your family are. The weather in Eugene and across Oregon lends to having wood floors in your home, as their easy to clean and stain resistant. Either one you choose, you’ll have great flooring for years to come.