Whether you’ve decided your bathroom isn’t cutting it or you’ve been forced to renovate due to a plumbing disaster or other issues, now the question is can you renovate your bathroom or do you need a professional? Take this test below to determine if you have what it takes!

Am I planning to remodel myself to save money?

Many people think that you can save money by doing a renovation yourself, but, remember that you will still have all the materials costs. You may also lose time and efficiency for what you gain in saving on labor. Do you have plenty of time to devote to this project? You also will need to add a mistakes line item to your budget. If this is your first home renovation, know that mistakes will happen and that these can add up, impacting your budget.

Am I remodeling rookie?

Is this your first DIY project? Are you ready for every step of the process? Remodeling isn’t just choosing pretty fixtures or designing the color scheme and style you love; it’s a lot of hard work. You will need to plan and research each part of the renovation. There will be demolition and stripping back the old to prepare for the new. You will be lifting materials, painting and dealing with complicated plumbing and electrical tasks. This is physical work that will require you to be comfortable working power tools.

What is my remodeling game plan?

Make a list in priority order of what you want to change or absolutely must change. Now, research what is, actually, involved in making each of these renovations. Any specialty skills required? Any special equipment needed? How easy is it and how much time does it usually take for a non-professional to do the job? Are permits involved or are there requirements to be followed for electrical or plumbing codes? If you plan to re-sell your home at any point, you will need your remodeling project to be up to code or it can interfere with the selling process. Researching each component might help you get a sense for how feasible it will really be for you to take on this project yourself and if you will have the skills and tools you need to do it.

Can you make a budget and stick to it?

It is important that you research what materials cost, what equipment you will need to buy or rent and prepare your budget according to what you want to change in the bathroom and the finances you can devote to it. By doing the research up front, you can set a realistic budget and make good decisions for your budget. When you are the only decision maker and project manager remodeling your bathroom, it becomes much easier to get emotionally carried away, spending a little extra on the shower you love or a little extra on a sink that would look amazing. Then, before you know it, you’ve exceeded your budget.

How will you manage the project?

Are you organized? Will you be able to keep track of permits, documentation, orders, delivery dates, and receipts? It is important on any project to make sure you have everything documented and organized to ensure deliveries are on time, materials are to the spec ordered, and shower tiles don’t arrive too early, and you have figure out where to store them. This is another critical piece of managing this type of project. Are you going to have suitable space to store materials and all the equipment you need to do the renovation? Do you have vehicles suitable for picking up the materials? Will you need a bin to contain all the rubbish and will you have a place to store that without issues from your local neighborhood?

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