We Work With All Flooring Types

  • DREYCO works with all flooring types. We can walk you through the entire selection process.
  • We have a flooring installation option for all budgets.
  • As a flooring contractor/installer we can help you find a floor that wears well and is easy to care for.
  • By offering detailed quotes, you won’t be surprised at any point during the project.
  • Professional flooring installation including – we properly prepare your sub-floor and layout, using plenty of nails so you won’t have problems down the road.

Thinking about installing new wood flooring or another flooring type in your home? There are some fantastic flooring choices on the market that will fit into your décor and budget. Carpet, tile flooring, solid or engineered wood flooring, luxury vinyl plank flooring(LVP), laminate flooring and exotics all have their advantages and disadvantages. At Dreyco in Eugene, we can simplify the selection process for you, so you’ll know for sure that you’ve made the best choice of floors for your home.

There are many beautiful and high-end flooring choices like natural hardwood flooring, engineered wood flooring, or ceramic tile flooring. And, there are also plenty of budget-friendly options like linoleum, vinyl or laminate flooring, or carpet. But no matter which type of flooring you choose, it’s usually best to ask a professional flooring contractor to install your new floor.

Professional Flooring Installation by Dreyco

Flooring installation contractors have the experience and training to work with many different types of flooring safely and carefully. Installing a floor that will stand up to a lot of foot traffic, pet traffic, and other daily living impacts is usually not something that should be done DIY. If you want a floor that is going to last as long as your home, your new flooring should be professionally installed.

When it comes to getting new wood flooring installed in your home, DREYCO is the right team to call. As one of Eugene’s leading wood flooring installation contractors, DREYCO has the tools, techniques, and hardware to provide you with the beautiful, sleek wood flooring that can transform your home. 

From single rooms to entire floors to total-home reflooring, there isn’t a job size we can’t handle. Want your entire project done all at once, but don’t have the ability to pay for it all right away? DREYCO can help with that, too. We conveniently offer financing options for qualified customers with same as cash 12-month financing or longer-term, fixed interest plans.

Professional flooring installers know how to make sure that the wood flooring — or other flooring — you’ve chosen is cut perfectly to your home’s measurements. They also know the ins and outs of working with each type of flooring material. For example, a professional flooring contractor knows that when you bring wood flooring into a home, the wood needs to sit for a few days to acclimate to the temperature and conditions in the home. If the wood isn’t allowed to sit it will shrink or expand after it’s installed which can cause gaps in the floor. Don’t take a chance on having a floor that doesn’t look good or function well. Call a pro.
Contact DREYCO at (541) 204-1359 to get all the information you need to start your flooring project, or fill out our online form and we’ll reach out to you.