When it comes time to remodel your kitchen, it can be very scary. Unless you’ve gone through the kitchen remodel process before, you really don’t know what to expect. Even if you have done it before, it is different every time. In fact, one of the things that they forget to mention prior to getting started is that there will be strangers working in your kitchen for the next several weeks.

So what are you supposed to expect when it comes time to have your kitchen remodeled? Here are a few things that you can expect that will help prepare you a little better for the kitchen remodel experience.

The Kitchen Renovation

Depending on your kitchen remodel plans, you may be having your entire kitchen gutted. This means that you will be without your kitchen for one week, two weeks or even more. You have to figure that there will be plumbers, counter top contractors, electricians and cabinetmakers that will all need to come in and work their magic.

So be sure to remove and put out of the way in storage the following:

  • Silverware
  • Dishes
  • Spices
  • Food
  • Cookware

Any other decorations or anything else in the kitchen

If you do this, these will all be out of the way and won’t have a chance of accidentally being broken during the renovation. If you have pets, be sure to move their water and food bowls out of the kitchen about 7-10 days before any type of renovation starts. This will help to prevent your pets from wandering into the kitchen after the renovations have started.

Stay in Communication with Your Contractors

The main person in charge of your renovation is the kitchen remodeling professional. This is the person who will know exactly what needs to be done with the entire project. This person is also the last word in advice.

They can let you know a timeline of when the kitchen will be finished, how long you won’t be able to use it, when it is safe to use parts of it, and when you can fully use your kitchen even though there may still be some work going on with the cosmetics of it all. Communicate with this person so you know what is going on as well.