A kitchen remodel is a great way to update your house and increase its resale value. But not all kitchen remodels turn out to have the ‘wow’ factor that you are looking for. Here are some tips when remodeling your kitchen.

Open Cupboards Make Your Kitchen Seem Bigger

One of the most common problems with smaller to midsize kitchens is that they can sometimes feel like there are cupboards stuffed everywhere. This creates a claustrophobic feel. Taking the cupboards out isn’t necessarily an option as you need to keep your kitchenware in them.

By going with open cupboards, you will be eliminating the ‘boxed’ feeling. And on top of that, it creates an opportunity for you to use fancy china and glasses as decorations as well.

Add an Island

If your kitchen is cramped on counter space, adding a kitchen island will definitely solve that problem. It will create an extra working surface for you, as well as some extra countertop space. Just be sure that there is enough space to incorporate an island without causing a cramped feeling.

Use Different Materials to Create Designs

When you are trying to create a beautiful kitchen, you don’t always have much space to work with. When you mix a variety of different materials and experiment with different colors and textures, you will be able to create a beautiful space that you can fall in love with. And with counter tops, cupboard doors, the ceiling, windows, flooring, fixtures and lighting all part of the room, they each have an important element of the end design. Just remember that the end look needs to all flow together and be unified.

Always Use Movable Seating

Movable seating is a great idea because it can be rearranged if you need more space. By choosing moveable benches and chairs for your kitchen remodel, you aren’t limiting the number of seats available. And if you need a chair or bench in another room, you can easily grab one from the kitchen, so everybody gets a seat.

Use Glass Details

If you want your kitchen to have a more open look and feel, glass details are the best way to go about doing it. Glass is great, especially for a smaller kitchen, as it gives off an illusion of space. By installing cabinet doors, a glass kitchen door, and even glass countertops, you will be giving your kitchen a lighter look. Now partner this with some strategically placed lighting and your kitchen will really look great.

Don’t Forget to Add Some Color

Color is a great way to help a kitchen really stand out. Color will constantly draw eyes towards it, which will give the effect that the surrounding space around this colorful centerpiece is bigger than it is.

With that being said, this splash of color does not necessarily have to be in the center of the kitchen. It can be used as a smaller accent or to make the back splash stand out. Just get creative and make sure that it is appealing to you as you are the one that is going to be looking at it every day.

A kitchen remodel can be a huge task when not planned out properly. By following some of the simple tips mentioned above, you will be able to create the kitchen of your dreams, even if you are limited on space. Just always be sure that you are getting what you want with your kitchen remodel and you will be happy with your decision for many years to come.