While a kitchen remodel is a massive commitment, if you make the right choices, your remodel will look good for many years to come. In fact, the kitchen is definitely one of the places that you need to be careful about the choices you make. The absolute last thing that you want to happen is to have your kitchen be outdated in just a few short years because of a trend that is no longer trendy.

Here are some trends that are currently popular, but that also have the power to stay trendy. If these design ideas fit with your personality they may be worth considering. By following these trends, you’ll be sure to enjoy your kitchen for many years to come.

Trend #1: Use White

A recent study has shown that 67% of people who own homes said that white cabinets were their main preference. And to top it off, layering white on top of white is also becoming more and more popular.

As far as appliances go, white appliances are the first appliance exteriors that have even come close to rivaling stainless steel. But there is a good reason for this, as white appliances are much easier to keep clean when compared to stainless steel ones. Plus the white is able to blend into both contemporary and transitional styles very easily.

Finally, ever since everybody got wind of the stainless steel appliance fad, it has slowly lost the exclusive and expensive look that it had before. Not the case with white as white will never lose it’s staying power.

Trend #2: Use Neutral Gray for Your Color

Sleek, sophisticated gray colors are definitely on a huge uptrend when it comes to the kitchen. In fact, gray is said to be the fastest growing color used in kitchens over the last few years.

This doesn’t mean that you need to slap gray on everything in your kitchen. In fact, it can actually be really tricky to get it right. Gray is tough, as it can seem cold unless you use it with some hot red and yellow colors, or on wood cabinets. But at the same time, it can also appear cool when it’s used in warmer climate areas. Plus, gray is close enough to white that it too will have staying power when it is used correctly.

Trend #3: Use Quartz for Your Counters

Quartz counters have become more popular than granite counters over the last few years. Quartz is one of the toughest materials used for counter tops. This means that it can better resist burns, chips, and scratches. Plus they are easy to maintain and don’t need to be sealed every year to prevent stains from occurring.

While there are many trends that come and go when it comes to the kitchen, it is best to follow the trends that will always be that, trendy. The ones mentioned above are great evergreen ideas to follow and when done right, will leave you with a kitchen that you will be able to enjoy for many years.