Common Mistakes To Avoid For A Successful Bathroom Remodel Project

Common Mistakes To Avoid For A Successful Bathroom Remodel Project

We?ve seen it time and time again, an enthusiastic DIYer ready to dive in and renovate their bathroom ? without any experience. A passion project turns into a disaster. The budget spirals due to mistakes and complications. Don?t become a DIY disaster, make sure you understand these important tips to avoid making the most common mistakes when remodeling a bathroom.

Do not demolish before you design

We get it. The frustration of an outdated or non-functioning bathroom can push anyone over the edge. But, before you start ripping it all out, make sure you have a designed your plan. Make sure you have listed out what you must change, would like to change or can afford to change. Make sure you?ve researched these individual renovation projects to be sure you know what is involved, the tools needed, costs associated with it and time it will take. You will also need to map out a timeline to ensure that projects are doing in the right order so that you aren?t trying to tile a shower before the plumbing is complete.

Do not deviate from your budget

If your research shows that this project could cost $20,000 ? please do not convince yourself that you can cut corners and save money to reduce the project to $10,000. The reality is that for someone trying to take this project on themselves, the ability for you to execute the project to the estimate of $20,000 would be impressive. Most first-time DIYers end up running up additional costs through mistakes and complications ? instead of reducing their costs. Make a realistic plan and budget it out thoroughly, including a line item to cover a few mistakes. Set the final budget to what you know you can afford and stick to it. Don?t let yourself get carried away or swayed to make more expensive choices.

Always pay attention to detail

With such a massive project underway, it can seem irrelevant to get caught up in one chip in a tile or a slightly askew light fixture. Avoid that voice in your head saying, ?It?s not a big deal, I can come back to that later or once the bathroom is done, I won?t even notice it.? The small mistakes are the ones that can become big mistakes or headaches to fix later. Always address little mistakes as soon as they develop.

Don?t be DIY dropout

It?s a classic DIY syndrome. In the beginning, you work like a maniac. But, as the project nears a close and after the months of hard work, you peter out. You lose interest. You start to let your focus slip. You just want it done now and start rushing projects or cutting corners. All of which could lead to problems and nullify all your months of hard work. As you approach the end, take your time. Stick to you plan and have patience. Finishing the room with finesse will ensure the overall end result looks polished and professional. This is especially critical if you ever plan to sell your home. No one likes to buy a home with a bathroom that looks like a DIY disaster.