About Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP)

About Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP)

One of the options that homeowners have when it comes to their floors is Luxury Vinyl Plank or LVP. Luxury Vinyl Planks are a substitute for wood floors. LVP looks like planks of hardwood flooring. These vinyl planks are all individual pieces, which make them look very similar to actual wood planks. And since they are actually made from vinyl, LVPs are also waterproof or water-resistant, unlike actual wood floors.

When it comes to luxury vinyl planks, there are several different grades that you can select. But one thing to keep in mind is that the cheaper ones may only be water resistant, as opposed to waterproof like the higher quality planks. Speaking of the lower quality LVPs, it is more likely that you will find cheaper and knock-off planks if you are shopping for them at larger box stores. So be sure to double-check what you are actually purchasing when you go shopping for your luxury vinyl. Which, LVPs is actually the fastest growing area in the market, and new colors and forms are coming out at an extremely rapid pace.

One of the higher quality variations of LVP is called an engineered vinyl plank, or EVP. EVPs are incredibly realistic looking hardwood, as well as feels like hardwood as well. And to top it off, it is also extremely durable, waterproof and even has a much higher density core that is made out of fiberboard.

When luxury vinyl first came out, the only form it was available was in glue down form. They would be glued directly to the sub-floor that was usually concrete. On top of that, they were usually so thin that there was no padding or cushion provided, so it was like you were walking around on a concrete floor. Another problem due to their thinness was that any imperfections within the sub-floor would easily seep through and be seen. So to install the LVPs, the sub-floor would need to be prepped prior to installation, which would take longer and cost more.

Now days, luxury vinyl is considered to be ?floating?. This means that the panels don?t have to be attached or glued down to the sub-floor. This means that it is much easier to install as well as making it easier to take out if you decide that you want to replace your floor altogether.

Some of the benefits of luxury vinyl planks include:

  • Looking and feeling very real
  • They are waterproof or at least water resistant
  • They are installed on just about any surface as long as it?s flat
  • They will save you lots of money when compared to real hardwood or tiles
  • They provide more soundproofing and insulation than glue down vinyls
  • They are much more comfortable to walk on
  • Super easy to install

When it comes to wanting a real wood floor look but not wanting to pay for a real wood floor price, then Luxury Vinyl Planks are a great route to go. They look nearly as good as real wood does and are much more affordable.